Recruit for Health Recruiter Toolkit

Products in the recruiter toolkit combine candidate attraction and selection.

Recruiter Toolkit Features

We offer off the shelf and bespoke recruitment processes. We want your process to reflect your organisational needs – therefore you can mix and match our products:

Attract Interview

A mobile enabled digital interview guide you can access on your phone, tablet or laptop. Carefully crafted questions and scoring criteria promote diversity. Score-as-you-go values based interview questions help you quickly identify ‘fit’ with the world of healthcare. Attract Interview is also entirely digital which means no more paper! Candidates will love this new engaging style of interview and you will recruit in less time.

Attract Assessment Centre

Short, engaging, easy to run exercises for important selection decisions. Refined to target values and specific behaviours which predict ability to thrive in healthcare. Mix and match expertly crafted AC tasks to create an attractive, engaging and robust event for candidates.


Executive Selection

Occupational Psychologists use psychometric assessments and in-depth interviewing technique to analyse candidates’ motivations, capabilities, values and potential for performance.

Recruit for Health training

Our expertly designed courses refine skills in attracting candidates through selection, removing bias from assessment and engaging candidates.