Compassionate recrutiment

We are compassionate towards managers and candidates

Recruit for Health vision

Recruitment in healthcare can be attractive, easily accessible and engaging. Recruit for Health was set up to combine attraction and selection to meet workforce demand.

We are a collective of Occupational Psychologists who bring extensive experience in healthcare recruitment as well as other public and private sector settings. We care about recruiting well, we care about managers and candidate’s experiences, and most of all we never forget there is a patient at the end of every recruitment journey.

Recruit to retain

Did you know that candidate impressions predict retention? A positive experience leads to an overall favourable impression of you and your organisation and can increase the likelihood of retention. Staff shortages mean we cannot waste a minute with a potential candidate, every second of your recruitment process matters, every part of it is a chance to lay the foundation for a long and happy career. Our recruiter toolkit allows you to choose the way you want engage with candidates, whether it’s an engaging and fun ‘C-VBI interview’ or a mix and match ‘Attract Interview’’.

Diversity starts with fair assessment

Diversity promotes innovation, improves decision making and attracts more candidates. The key to attracting and recruiting a diverse workforce is fairness, removal of bias and objectivity. Fair assessment is at the core of this agenda. We only use selection methods which provide a level playing field for all to help you achieve your aims for a diverse workforce. We deliver our assessments in a flexible way, so you can suit the needs of your candidates, whatever they may be.

Modernising healthcare recruitment

We know more than most that working in healthcare is the challenge of a lifetime, it is also changing fast. We look beyond the traditional methods of assessing candidates, which were designed for whittling down large numbers of candidates towards a new way of doing things – more flexible, more attractive and more accessible. Recruit for Health Recruiter Toolkit combines innovative selection techniques with state of the art digital technology. Our objective? To attract and select people who have the values and behaviours to help them thrive in the world of healthcare – not a measurement of how they fill in an application form.

Your recruitment process attracts candidates

We’re all fishing from the same pond. Recruit for Health combines Attraction and Selection. Staff shortages in healthcare are real. Your recruitment process can be the attraction strategy you never knew you had. We combine candidate experience, digital technology and occupational psychology led recruitment methodology.