Attracting candidates to a role is paramount; without that initial attraction, you’ll have no applicants. And yet the attraction stage of recruitment is very often overlooked. Yes, you may write a job description in an appealing way or be diligent in noting down the ‘benefits’ of a compensation package, but what about the candidate experience? 

A well-written job description is a great start, but once a candidate takes the leap and applies for the role it’s often assumed that the attraction part is done – the candidate applied, so job done, right?


With so many jobs available on the market, and with the NHS facing an employment crisis, making an effort to keep candidates attracted throughout the recruitment process is crucial. Candidates who have a positive recruitment experience are more likely to feel committed to the organisation – making them much more likely to stay long term.

Attraction is paramount, and extends far beyond getting people to apply for a role.

Improving Candidate Experience

There are many ways to improve candidate experience, many of which are becoming commonplace in the recruitment world today. Hiring processes are embracing gamification, simpler application processes (including easy apply options using LinkedIn profiles), and more engaging communications, for example.

The one part of the recruitment process that has remained largely unchanged is the interview.

Interviewing is a skill in itself, and a lot of the candidate’s experience of the interview will be dependent on very subjective factors – including how well the interviewer and interviewee get along. Interviews, in order to be effective, need to be more structured and based on something other than subjective opinions. But they also need to enhance the candidate experience in order to keep them invested in the process.

One way to do this is via the Attract Interview, a new digital process designed to improve candidate experience whilst quickly and effectively assessing a candidate’s “fit” with the organisation.

(H2) How does the Attract Interview work?

The Attract Interview is an entirely remote process, accessible via desktop computer, mobile or tablet. It allows a recruiter to quickly and engagingly assess a candidate, and provides the candidate with immediate feedback.

Via the online platform, the interviewer is provided with carefully crafted questions and scoring criteria to promote diversity. The score-as-you-go values-based questions quickly identify a candidate’s “fit” with the organisation, and provides real-time feedback to the candidate on their progress.

The Attract Interview creates a bond between interviewer and interviewee through an enjoyable, dynamic experience – leading to a more positive overall recruitment experience, and therefore enhanced probability of job acceptance and retention.

What are the benefits of the Attract Interview?


can be completed as a screening interview at recruitment events to capitalise in these initial encounters.


the digital platform removes unconscious bias from the interview process, and bases scoring on value-fit instead. Promoting diversity has never been easier.


perhaps most importantly, the Attract Interview enhances the candidate’s positive feeling towards the recruitment process. Boost acceptance and retention rates with an innovative, enjoyable interview.

How do I get started?

Get in touch with us to discuss how the Attract Interview can become a feature of your recruiter toolkit. We can also provide Attract Assessment Centres, designed to produce robust results as well as provide an ongoing positive experience for your candidates.