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Easy-to-use recruitment tools for healthcare

People who work
in healthcare are amazing

Our recruiter toolkit is a one- stop- shop of practical real-world tools you can pick up and use to attract and select a diverse range of candidates quickly & effectively. You are unique, you care and you expect the best. Recruit for Health uses psychology and technology to help attract and select people you can trust to work with you.

Compassionate Recruitment

We care because you care. Our recruiter toolkit is designed with managers and candidates in mind. It’s easy to use, quick to pick up and digital. We never forget there is a patient at the end of every recruitment journey.

Recruiter Toolkit

Attract Interview

A mobile enabled digital interview guide you can access on your phone, tablet or laptop. 

Attract Assessment Centre

Short, engaging, easy to run exercises for important selection decisions. 

Executive Selection

In-depth psychometric assessment with candidates for senior roles.

Recruit for Health training

We offer a range of training courses to enhance your recruiter skills.

Recruitment Review

Give your recruitment process a review through the lens of diversity and candidate attraction

Bespoke assessment

Bespoke assessment design services to target specific roles. We work with you to create the selection process you need

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